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Who Wrote It?: Franklin W. Dixon

C’mon, Who Really Wrote it?: Andrew E. Svenson in 1950.  The second of three-in-a-row that he did in the late 40s/early 50s.

Was It Revised?: Yes, in 1968 by David Grambs, the last of his four revisions after 6: The Shore Road Mystery, 12: Footprints Under the Window and very recently 27: The Secret of Skull Mountain.  That represents two 9 ratings and one 6.  Which will his fourth revision get, the 9 end or the 6 end?

Cover: Rudy Nappi.  There’s yellow, there’s red, got some blue, and a lot of brown.  Instead of the boys peering at danger, they are investigating the secret of the lost tunnel.  Yes, a massive spoiler is placed right on the cover…

Setting: Bayport and then Virginia.  This is another Frank and Joe Down South story.  

Where’s Fenton This Time?: Testifying in Washington.  Until Chapter XX, of course.  Saves the boys’ life. Of course. 

Which Chums Show Up?: Chet.  Appearing to send them off down south are Callie, Iola and Helen Osborne (who?).

What’s Chet’s Hobby This Time?: Photography.  Yup, gets used.  But I have an official complaint: In 22: The Flickering Torch Mystery, Chet’s hobby is building airplanes from parts.  Yet in this story, Chet says at one point, “I’d sure like to learn to fly these things.”  Are you kidding me?  Seven books ago he’s building an airplane, yet he can’t even fly the things?!

Aunt Gertrude’s Dessert: Apple pie, the basic staple of pies.  Then it’s off down south for the rest of the tale.

Plot: Military general wants to hire Fenton to find some gold his ancestor was said to have buried, but reluctantly hires Frank and Joe when Fenton is called away to Washington.  Frank and Joe go down south, start sniffing around, and go figure, a gang of crooks is looking for the same gold.  Threats and knocks on the head ensue.

Review:  Not my favorite.  It’s almost a by the numbers attempt to get in the elements of a Hardy Boys book, but it doesn’t fly.  It’s a simple treasure hunt, if said hunt was accompanied by homicidal maniacs willing to kill you to get to the treasure first.  So actually, yeah, a simple treasure hunt.  It just doesn’t work as well as it should.  Goodbye Mr. Grambs, thank you for the two 9s you gave us, sorry about the two 6s.

Score: 6



Who Wrote It?: Franklin W. Dixon

C’mon, Who Really Wrote it?: Leslie McFarlane in 1935

Was It Revised?: Yes, in 1961 by James Buechler, one of three he did and the first since While the Clock Ticked.

Cover: Rudy Nappi, red and yellow in a sea of blue and green and alligators, oh my!  Looks like a hurricane in the background too.  No easy swim for these lads.

Setting: Bayport and Georgia.  Mostly Georgia.  This is Frank and Joe go south.

Where’s Fenton This Time?: Jamaica.  With the missus.  Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Deux Ex Fenton shows up in Chapter XX as usual and saves the day.  Poor Mrs. Hardy never does get a normal vacation.

Which Chums Show Up?: Chet, the honorary Hardy Boy by this point.

What’s Chet’s Hobby This Time?: Ain’t got none.  Again.

Aunt Gertrude’s Dessert: She’s not in the picture here as the boys spend almost the entire time in Georgia.  Missed her chance for a nice pecan pie!

Plot: A newspaper editor from Georgia is sued for libel and seeks the Hardy’s help.  Down to Georgia they go where they find a feud between two branches of a family that live on a pond that might be more than a pond, he said, but not in any innuendo type of sense, but in a Hardy Boys a-mystery-that-lasts-hundreds-of-years-will-be-cleared-up-by-us-in-a-week sense.

Review:  Doesn’t have quite the gripping end of While the Clock Ticked, and in the end these bad guys sing like canaries in a particularly good mood.  It’s mostly one of those why-is-everybody-trying-to-scare-us-off type of stories, with hidden treasure, old southern feuds, and no doubt grits.

Score: 6