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  1.  The Tower Treasure
  2. The House on the Cliff
  3. The Secret of the Old Mill
  4. The Missing Chums
  5. Hunting for Hidden Gold
  6. The Shore Road Mystery
  7. The Secret of the Caves
  8. The Mystery of Cabin Island
  9. The Great Airport Mystery
  10. What Happened at Midnight
  11. While the Clock Ticked
  12. Footprints Under the Window
  13. The Mark on the Door
  14. The Hidden Harbor Mystery
  15. The Sinister Signpost
  16. A Figure in Hiding
  17. The Secret Warning
  18. The Twisted Claw
  19. The Disappearing Floor
  20. Mystery of the Flying Express
  21. The Clue of the Broken Blade
  22. The Flickering Torch Mystery
  23. The Melted Coins
  24. The Short-Wave Mystery
  25. The Secret Panel
  26. The Phantom Freighter
  27. The Secret of Skull Mountain
  28. The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
  29. The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
  30. The Wailing Siren Mystery
  31. The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
  32. The Crisscross Shadow
  33. The Yellow Feather Mystery
  34. The Hooded Hawk Mystery
  35. The Clue in the Embers
  36. The Secret of Pirate’s Hill
  37. The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
  38. Mystery at Devil’s Paw
  39. The Mystery of the Chinese Junk
  40. Mystery of the Desert Giant
  41. The Clue of the Screeching Owl
  42. The Viking Symbol Mystery
  43. The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
  44. The Haunted Fort
  45. The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge
  46. The Secret Agent on Flight 101
  47. Mystery of the Whale Tattoo
  48. The Arctic Patrol Mystery
  49. The Bombay Boomerang
  50. Danger on Vampire Trail
  51. The Masked Monkey
  52. The Shattered Helmet
  53. The Clue of the Hissing Serpent
  54. The Mysterious Caravan
  55. The Witchmaster’s Key
  56. The Jungle Pyramid
  57. The Firebird Rocket
  58. The Sting of the Scorpion


An adult looks back at his childhood treasure of books and sees how they hold up today.

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