Hardy Boys Comic

Reader Pete Brouwer sent a nice email where he told me this:

I still have the Hardy Boys books I received as a kid in the late 50s, and I’m also a comic book fan.  In the late 50s and early 60s comic book artist Dan Spiegle illustrated four Hardy Boys comics for Disney.  A good ten years ago I contacted Dan about illustrating “While The Clock Ticked” for me.  I’ve included some of the pages below – the opening page and then five sequential pages (out of 48 pages).  Haven’t been able to get it published.  I’m thinking some fans might be interested – Dan Spiegle was one of the best comic book illustrators.  

I ‘m sure there are many Canadian Hardy Boys fans out there – I’d like to hear from you.  

I have included the pages below. If anyone has a connection to a publishing house, contact Pete above. Or if you are a fellow Canadian (Pete lives in Alberta), reach out to a fellow fan.

Thank you very much, Pete, for contributing this to the site. I also enjoyed While the Clock Ticked and enjoyed seeing it illustrated here.

An adult looks back at his childhood treasure of books and sees how they hold up today.

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