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You may have noticed that there are no ads on this site.  That’s a deliberate decision on my part.  This site is my gift to the fans, and I won’t try to make money off their personal information in the form of Web ads.  Besides, ads are ugly and they get in the way of your reading.  There will never be Web ads on this site.  Ever.

Does this site cost me money to maintain year after year?  Yes, a bit.  But it’s not a lot of money, and I’m glad to do it.

Do you want to say thank you, or provide a tip for my efforts?  That’s nice of you.  Honestly, the best way to do that, for you and for me, is to buy my book:



(eBook iTunes $.99)





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(eBooks Kindle U.K. £1.57)



I’ve collected the material from this site — and added a lot more extra material that doesn’t exist here — and put it together in a rather handsome ebook.  For as little as $0.99, you can have this 140+ page ebook in your permanent collection, and at the same time you’ll have supported this site. (Kindle prices are higher only because Amazon won’t let me price it lower than $1.99)

Uh oh, I’ve just put an ad on the site!  Oh well, I hope you understand 🙂

Thank you so much for your support of this site.  I hope you had a fun time reading.

And if you don’t want the book, you are still welcome here. Why not tell your friends about this site? That would be another way to support it, and I thank you for doing that.

Prefer not to buy a book?

If you don’t want to buy an ebook, but you want to basically tip me, you are welcome to send me the price of the book instead. That’s another way to support this site. But don’t do it if you cannot afford it! This site is free for all, forever.



An adult looks back at his childhood treasure of books and sees how they hold up today.

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