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9Who Wrote It?: Franklin W. Dixon

C’mon, Who Really Wrote it?: Leslie McFarlane in 1930

Was It Revised?: Yes, in 1965 by Tom Mulvey

Cover: Rudy Nappi, just a bit of red and yellow, but more brown and blue this time.  A daytime scene right out of the book.  This time instead of them staring at a bad guy from a distance, they are in full investigative mode.  Good cover.

Setting: Bayport, plus briefly the Caribbean and Montana.

Where’s Fenton This Time?: Oh, busy doing his own investigating, but he’s now mostly out of the picture.  No cavalry needed here.

Which Chums Show Up?: Chet, Biff, Iola and Callie.  Mostly Chet.

What’s Chet’s Hobby This Time?: Speaking like a dead man.  You had to be there.

Aunt Gertrude’s Dessert: Both strawberry short cake as well as gingerbread with apple sauce and whipped cream.  Frank and Joe are full.  Chet could use a little more.

Plot: Someone is stealing platinum parts from an air shipping company.  Frank and Joe become employees to investigate.  A dead man keeps speaking (but remember the Scooby Doo rule!).

Review: Not bad at all.  The boys get to do a lot of flying, something that becomes a key part of their investigative tool box for most of the series.  I think the 1950s and 1960s loved the idea of freedom through the air because the Hardy Boys sure do love them some flying.

This book has a good mystery, gang members who throw grenades, a presumed dead pilot who keeps haunting the living pilot who took his job, a tornado, a severe storm on an island, Chet being humorous in a way that ties right into the plot, and chattering bad guys in the end as we wrap it up.

And now we are done with the single-digit books, and it’s time to move into the Hardy Boys classic period with some very interesting books coming up.

Score: 7



Who Wrote It?: Franklin W. Dixon

C’mon, Who Really Wrote it?: Leslie McFarlane in 1928

Was It Revised?: Yes, in 1963 by Alistair Hunter

Cover: Rudy Nappi, yellow and red yet again.  Is the guy behind them friend or foe?  Good cover, but my that treasure is stacked too neatly for Joe to be still using the shovel.

Setting: Lucky Lode, Montana.  No doubt Bayport suffered from a horrific crime wave during this time.

Where’s Fenton This Time?: Montana with cracked ribs.  Frank and Joe to the rescue.

Which Chums Show Up?: Chet, Tony, Biff, but only at the beginning.  This is a story outside Bayport, and so it’s Frank and Joe doing it by themselves.

What’s Chet’s Hobby This Time?: Hiding it from his friends, or something.  Not specified.  So I’ll guess, uh, basket weaving.

Aunt Gertrude’s Dessert: Nothing specified, so once again Frank and Joe starved.

Plot: Fenton is in Montana on a case when he cracks his ribs and calls for his sons to fly out and take over the case.  A vast treasure was discovered 25 years previously, and would you believe every major character from back then shows up at the same time so that the mystery can be solved?

Review: This is Frank and Joe Go West, and so it has some of the stereotypes of the Old West from the 1950s and 1960s show up.  That’s a weakness.  But one of the strengths is that this could be a nice introduction to kids of cowboy motifs.  Plus Frank and Joe show real bravery and strength with no help from anyone else — it’s truly impressive.  But I prefer Bayport stories with all of the chums, and Gertrude making pie.

Score: 5