Hardy Boys Resources

I created this blog because I couldn’t find many sources of Hardy Boys book review information online.  However, there are some good sites out there.  Here are some I enjoyed as I created this blog:

Hardy Boys.us


Hardy Detective Agency

Hardy Boys Encyclopedia

Hardy Boys Case Files

And the individual articles in Wikipedia are not bad for being reminded of the plot of each book.  But to be honest, I’ve corrected about half of the articles in Wikipedia to be accurate to the books 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hardy Boys Resources”

  1. One thing that I recall reading in the Hardy Boy books that I thought was a little odd and perpendicular with their honest nature was one time when they had to deliver a cake or something of that nature and along the way they cut some out of the bottom of it and at it where it couldn’t be detected. Does anyone recall which book I am thinking of?

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An adult looks back at his childhood treasure of books and sees how they hold up today.

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